Creativity as Co-Therapist

Creativity as Co-Therapist

Lisa Ruth Mitchell

Book review by Katie Flowers

‘’This is a book that is all about how therapists can take care of themselves using artmaking practices for self-care and for processing their own therapeutic work. In using some of her techniques I have found them to provide me with insights which I can then apply to my life and professional work. She encourages us to use a welcoming stance and describes directives as invitations to create. It is what we need as Art Therapists to stay in the flow of our own art making practice. She also has a video series on YouTube which supports her book.’
- Katie FLOWERS, Certified Art Therapist

註冊藝術治療師Katie Flowers的話:「本書主要介紹藝術創作如何能夠幫助藝術治療師照顧自己,以及幫助他們在治療過程中探索感受和意義,從中作出反思。作者在書中提供了一些藝術引導,鼓勵治療師以開放的態度投入創作,讓我有所啟發,並能夠將之活用在生活和專業領域之中。本書正正道出了藝術治療師需要拿捏的技巧,讓我們從自身的創作經驗找到自己,從而更能理解創作過程帶來的療愈力量。


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