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Confirm the type of membership

Additional Charges: Annual membership renewal date is July 1st, a late fee of HK$50 applies to renewal on or after August 1st. For overseas bank transfer for event or membership, an additional HK$50 service charge applies. For instance, please include the additional amount in the total payment i.e. for professional member, the total fee will be HK$850.


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Choose the payment option

from either bank transfer or FPS to settle the fee.



  • Bank Transfer

    Bank Transfer

    Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists HSBC 808-758866-838

  • FPS (Faster Payment System)

    Identifier ID: 163002876


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Transaction and record

Proceed with the payment and take an image record of the receipt.

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Online Banking

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Upload and attach the receipt

Upload and attach the receipt as payment proof to ensure your application will be proceeded properly. The reassurance of your payment by attaching the payment receipt allows us to proceed the registration as soon as possible without any delay due to additional administrative work. Thank you for your understanding!

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Fill out your personal information

For details regarding collection of information online, please read our disclaimer & liabilities  page. Please make sure you agree before proceeding to registration / create your own personal account.

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Login credentials

flow step 6Fill out the login details including username, email address and password. The login information will allow you to access the member-only content as well as easy event registration in the future. 

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Verify and click submit button to confirm registration.

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A notification email

A notification email will then be sent to your registered email to confirm your registration.

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Process membership

Once your registration form and payment has been verified by our membership committee, you will receive a final confirmation email with membership info. This process may take up to 2 to 4 weeks depending on the registration traffic.

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Account Activation

Once your account is activated, you can start  renewal of membership, joining events or accessing member-only content through this website.

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